Hello! I am Patty Batchelor, licensed esthetician and owner of Blush Skin Studio. I have been a licensed and practicing esthetician since 2004. After a lifetime of dancing ballet, I entered the world of skincare with the hopes of becoming a makeup artist...imagining a life with theatrical makeup. However, after completing my education and receiving my license in esthetics, I discovered I am much more inspired by the skin itself, as a whole, and keeping the skin healthy with proper nourishment and care. I follow a holistic philosophy in skin treatments, as well as my personal life. I strongly feel that healthy habits all around lead to healthy skin. My previous work experiences include The Spa By Mitchell's, The Umstead Hotel & Spa, Skin Sense and an independent associate at Spa Boudoir. In my years of experience, I have become a highly skilled, thorough and efficient waxer and sugarista.  I look forward to meeting you and taking care of your skin, as well as your waxing ans sugaring needs.

Many Thanks!!